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Welcome Teachers !

Dear Educator,

        Welcome to Bellevue Public Library! We are pleased to introduce you to the services we have available to meet your personal as well as your professional needs. We look forward to working with you throughout the school year.

        The Bellevue Public Library works cooperatively with the Bellevue schools to provide excellent library service to s our youth. While the Public Library serves all ages of the community, students are encouraged to take advantage of our services in addition to the services provided at their school library. We do provide a classroom orientation visit for Grades K-6. These visits may be arranged through Jo Ellen Boos, our Head of Youth Services.

        In 1997/98 we added a variety of new services.  The Library is now open Sundays, October through April, from 1:00 - 5:00. The Library also has CD-ROMS available to check out free of charge. As a member of the CLEVNET automated consortium, anyone with a Bellevue Public Library card has library privileges at all the other member libraries -- nearly 30 libraries in north central and northeastern Ohio.Most of the materials in the CLEVNET database may be requested if they are not immediately available in the Bellevue collection. We also provide telephone reference service and telephone renewals. Cardholders have access to the Internet and a variety of commercial online databases at the Library. Please contact Tracy Marr, our Head of Adult Services, to inquire more about these services.

        Please consider Bellevue Public Library in your planning. We encourage students to learn to use the Library, which can provide lifelong learning experiences. While classroom assignments may include research at the Library, please be mindful of the limitations of  what we can provide. The Library does offer a wide variety of materials on a broad range of subjects, however, we cannot provide enough material on a limited subject or duplicate copies for every child in a class. We welcome you to call us before giving an assignment, so that we can be prepared to assist your students and to assure that material will be available. We have provided an Assignment Alert Form that we hope will be helpful to you. If requested in advance, we can place some materials on temporary reference (in-house only) for a limited time to make them available to more students.

        All Ohio residents providing verification of address, are eligible for a Bellevue Library card at no charge. Please visit the Library to register for a card, and call to arrange a personal tour of our facility if you like.