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by Amanda Quick

File Under : Historical Romance

In this historical romance, set in the early 1800s, Harriet Pomeroy is on a fossil hunting expedition when she discovers smugglers are using “her” caves to store their loot. She summons the absentee lord, Viscount St. Justin, to deal with the problem. A misunderstanding leads to a forced engagement, which brings back and enemy for St. Justin’s past. Can Harriet both solve the mystery that blackened St. Justin’s reputation and win his heart?

An independent heroine with an interest in science, a mystery with its roots in the past, and a strong dose of humor, all leading to a happily-ever-after. What’s not to love? Readers might also enjoy historical romances by Eloisa James and Julia Quinn.

Staff Pick By : Tracy, Adult Services

When Breath Becomes Air

by Paul Kalanithi

File Under : Non-Fiction, Medical

Highly acclaimed by people who know a lot more about great writing than I do.  This books is so bittersweet and so well done.  Kalanithi knows he is dying and decides what he wants to accomplish in the time he has left, even when his prognosis changes along the way.  This is a remarkable look at what the end of life means and how to live while you still have life in you.

Staff Pick By : Patty, Library Director

A Murderous Relation

by Deanna Raybourn

File Under : Historical Mystery

This series takes place in late Victorian England and the cast of characters are just as interesting as the age.  Miss Speedwell is a  fully independent woman who makes her living as a lepidopterist travelling all around the world (Gasp!) by herself. In the first book, A Curious Beginning, she meets a grumpy, reclusive, but extremely attractive natural historian, Stoker Templeton-Vane.  Both of these misfits of society have multi-layered secrets which the author peels back throughout the series.  Each book contains mystery, humour, sexual tension, and as I stated earlier, a wonderful list of supporting characters from royalty to policemen to dogs .I have enjoyed each of the four previous books and number five is proving just as readable.  I usually read them quickly not only to solve the mystery, but to see how Veronica and Stoker resolve their relationship as co-workers and maybe something more.

Staff Pick By : Valerie, Adult Services

The Crossing Places

by Elly Griffiths

File Under : Mystery

For those looking for a classic-style mystery, without too much gore or too many side plots getting in the way. English archaeologist Ruth Galloway is called in by the police examine bones found on beach near the saltmarsh where she lives. The police believe the bones belong to a girl who went missing 10 years earlier, but they actually are 2000 years old. Another girl goes missing, letters to the police hint at archaeological and ritual knowledge, and despite herself, Ruth gets pulled into the case.

Ruth Galloway is fiercely intelligent, a little cranky, inept at the politics of her university department, and happy living alone with her cat. Detective Nelson is very cranky, misses his former posting, is devoted to his family, and to his job. Together, they’re unbeatable.

Staff Pick By : Tracy, Adult Services

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library

by Chris Grabenstein

File Under : Juvenile, Mystery

Great stuff! A true puzzle-it-out mystery in the tradition of Westing Game. The kids are likeable, the story is riveting, the writing is good and the theme is just fun! Book readers will love it and others may be captivated. The constant title dropping is just tons of fun!

Staff Pick By : Patty, Library Director